Press & Praise

children pencil portrait of toddler siblings

Honestly Mommy Blog [8-14-2017] "I am so grateful to recently have partnered up with Caleigh Bird, [because she] froze a small moment in time capturing my sweet babies in an act of sibling love......"  (read more)

children pencil portrait of toddler siblings

No Model Lady Blog [4-24-2017] "Just a quick post to share an amazing artist with you.  It was such a treat for me to work with Caleigh Bird, who is not only incredibly talented, but also professional and courteous. She creates custom pieces....."  (read more)


"Caleigh Bird [is a] creative soul through and through - she is so talented and can create whatever you're looking for."

                               -Laine H. (pictured left)

"I cried, it's absolutely beautiful!! I am so blessed, thank you Caleigh!!"

                              -Kate N.


"Thank you so, so much! You did a phenomenal job, it's literally perfect, and you are amazing."

                             - Sabrina P.

"Beautiful artwork, truly captured both pets and is gorgeous in a floating frame....Caleigh does lovely work, highly recommend her."

                             -Terry B.