Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best photo to use as a reference?

I have a super simple guide right here all about choosing the very best photo. And don't worry, I'm here to help along the way!

How long does it take to get a portrait drawn and mailed?

Once your order is placed, and I have received your photo(s) and we have decided on which photo to turn into artwork, you can expect your drawing to take 7 - 14 days to complete (depending on size, etc.), and another 7 - 10 days to ship because I live in Hawaii so domestic mail takes a bit longer. During peak seasons, production and shipping may be delayed, but I will keep you informed on estimated finish times. If you must have your portrait quickly, I will put you as a top priority and cut down the production time for an additional fee. Please see the Purchase page for details. You can also Contact me to get a quote on Expedited or International Shipping.

Where should the reference photo(s) be sent? How many should be sent?

After you have completed your Purchase, the photo(s) to be draw from should be sent to MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE THE NAME YOU ORDERED WITH IN YOUR EMAIL. Feel free to send as many different photos as you like for my professional assistance in picking the best one to turn into art. High Definition images are best. (Please see next question) 

Is it possible to have the portrait drawn from two or more different images?

Not likely. For one, rarely is the light source coming from the same direction in different photos which completely throws the image off. Also, for the most part, photos are taken at varying angles which adds to the unnatural result of a piecemeal portrait. It's a good idea to email multiple photos for me to choose the best from, but be aware that the final drawing will come from just one of them. 


The exception to this being for Pet Portraits depicting more than one animal. Due to the more relaxed nature of charcoal and pastels and because pet faces are not as complicated as human faces, I am able to use more than one photo for arranging pets in a portrait. However, they need to be similarly lit and taken from the same or very similar angles. The more photos you can send me the better when combining pet photos so I am able to pick the very best of them that will make the most sense compositionally. 

Is it possible to get a full body/outfit/wedding dress drawing?

Absolutely! Email me your photo(s) at before ordering for my assessment and price quote. I can include full or half body, just let me know what you're looking for. Full portraits are only available on sizes 9x12 inches and larger due to the detail required. Tasteful nudes accepted also. 

Can/Will the portrait be altered slightly from the photograph?

I reserve the right to omit or simplify certain patterns or logos when drawing clothing or tattoos, either due to the lengthy meticulousness needed in drawing them (which the listed prices do not include), or because of artistic license in realizing that the pattern will be too busy in the drawing and will steal away focus from the important areas, such as the face(s). If you strongly want your pattern, logo, or tattoo included in full detail, please message me for additional pricing at and include the photo in question.


In multiple-person portraits, I may slightly alter the position or the proximity of each person in order to form a stronger composition or to make everyone fit in nicely. However, this will not affect how each individual person looks in the portrait.


If you would like something in the photograph altered in the portrait, I will have to decide if it's possible on a case by case basis. Message me at the above email for assessment and a price quote. 

Can a portrait be drawn from an old non-digital photograph?

Yes, provided it's big enough to show detail. Just take a clear photo using natural light and email it to me at before purchase to make sure we can make it work. After assessment, you may need to scan it in order to bring out the definition and clarity and resend the photo before I can start the drawing.

Will the portrait be drawn to the edge of the paper or fade out?

It depends. For the most part I prefer to let the portrait subjects fade out towards the outer edges of the paper, I think it gives the drawing a classic richness. However, if faces, or very close proximity of faces, are partially cut out by the edge of the photograph, it will make more sense from a compositional perspective to have the drawing reach the edge of the paper as it does in the photo. If you have a strong preference you can request it when emailing your photo(s) or simply leave a note at checkout. If no preference is stated, I will assume that you trust my professional artistic opinion to create your portrait in the best way I see fit. Check out the Gallery page to see examples of each kind of drawing. 

Are the portraits done with a horizontal or a vertical orientation?

Usually the drawing will follow the orientation of the photograph. However, unless you request a specific orientation upon ordering, I will use my best professional judgement on which direction the portrait should lay on the paper. 

Does the portrait come framed?

At this time I am not offering framing services.

Is there a Military or Law Enforcement discount?

Sure is! Use the code CAMO10 at checkout for a 10% off discount code for any member of a Military, Law Enforcement, or Fire and Safety family. Please make sure to include what division in the 'notes' section. Thanks for keeping us safe! 

Are Gift Certificates available?

Yes! Check out the Purchase page. If you don't see what you want, feel free to message me on the Contact page and I will be happy to tailor a Gift Certificate to your needs.

What's the best way to care for the portrait?

Be careful and protect your new cherished investment! For this drawing, and any other piece of art, it is best not to touch it directly. Naturally occurring oils in fingertips will smudge, remove, and track any kind of drawing pigment. I cannot emphasize this enough, do not touch your drawing. Leave it in its cellophane sleeve until you are ready to frame it behind glass. To transfer your drawing out of the sleeve and into a frame, only lightly touch the edges with clean fingers while trying not to dent or wrinkle the paper. When deciding where to hang your drawing, keep it away from direct sunlight as much as possible. A naturally lit room is fine, but hanging in a direct beam of light day after day will bleach, dry out, and damage your precious drawing. 

How will the artwork be shipped?

For Domestic orders I use US Postal Service (USPS) First Class Standard Delivery with Insurance. The price of this type of shipping is automatically calculated at checkout. If you want Expedited or Overnight delivery, or for International orders, Contact me before placing your order and I will be happy to calculate shipping for you. 


Your drawing will be placed in a cellophane sleeve and shipped flat with cardboard masonite or rolled in a tube, depending on size, to ensure careful delivery and will be ready to frame.


*Please Note: In an effort to be environmentally conscientious, recycled cardboard will be used for shipping whenever possible. 

What if the drawing gets lost or damaged in the mail?

The price of shipping automatically added to your order includes USPS Insurance so that should your drawing become damaged or lost in the mail, I will redraw it and mail you a new one as soon as possible. If your drawing arrives damaged, please send me photos of the packaging as well as of the damaged drawing within 48 hours of receiving it and I will start the insurance claim process. Send the photos along with the name the portrait was ordered under to and we'll get it cleared up as soon as possible. 


If your portrait doesn't arrive within 30 days of being mailed, USPS considers it lost. You can email me at that time and we will begin the insurance and redrawing process.


I deeply appreciate my clients and I sincerely want your portrait-commissioning experience to be easy and exciting. If there's anything amiss by the time your precious portrait reaches you, do not hesitate to contact me as soon as possible.  

Is free local pick-up available?

Absolutely! I live just outside of Honolulu in the Kaimuki district of O'ahu. If you can pick up your portrait from this area, you may use the code 'FREESHIP' at checkout to subtract the shipping cost from your total. Please leave your phone number in the note option when purchasing so we can arrange a meeting. 

What's the return policy?

Due to the customized nature of these portraits, returns and refunds are not accepted. Once I have started the drawing, I cannot use it for any other customer, so all sales are final. 

What about corrections?

Once your drawing is complete I will email you a photo for final approval before mailing it. It is rare, but should you find anything that needs a slight correction I will be happy to work with you for one 'fix'. Anything after that will be billed at $45 per session. Corrections may add up to 3 days to the production time. 

Who retains copyright of the image?

I, Caleigh Bird, retain all copyrights to every drawing. By purchasing my artwork, you agree that I will retain commercial control of my image and am allowed to use it for any marketing or publishing that I see fit. You are allowed to share the image (preferably with credit to me) and use it for personal prints, but any commercial use is strictly prohibited without my prior written consent. If you have any questions about using your drawing image or any other image of mine, please email me at Thank you for respecting the rights of myself and any other artists.