Custom Family Portrait Illustrations are Here!

a happy family holiday portrait drawing in pencil
Children's portraiture featuring a pencil sketch of a cute little girl.


I am so thrilled to finally have this concise website dedicated to my fine art portraiture drawings in pencil! I have been focusing on portraiture for a while now and have strongly felt that it is my artistic calling, and with more and more folks commissioning  pieces from me it only seems fitting to give them their own home.


Even though I have actually met in person only a small fraction of the people I have drawn, something about spending so much time looking at their faces and in their eyes, gives me the feeling of connection with them. I feel like I've had a very deep or intimate conversation with many of my subjects, or perhaps even shared a secret, and am gracious to get to know these wonderful folks personally. Each of my drawings truly is a labor of love and I relish the chance to study and get to know so many different kinds of people.


Please have a peek at the Gallery to see what I've been working so hard on all year. -CB

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